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These will be the first Android to imitate iPhone 7 Piano Black design

When Apple presented the new iPhone 7, one of those colors that launched was different of them earlier, the Piano Black, or black bright, that highlighted by be an aluminum polished that it was very bright. As well, already begin to arrive the first Android that mimic this design. And specifically, we speak of two smartphones of telephone, the telephone S7 and the telephone R9.

S7 telephone and telephone R9

The S7 telephone is a smartphone of the most curious. Although his own name already leaves clear that the phone smart has a design inspired in the Samsung Galaxy S7, it true is that the smartphone will come in a color that mimics to the of the iPhone 7. This glossy black finish will be one of the colors in which will be available the new mobile, and all of this while its casing is plastic.

Elephone S7

On the other hand, telephone R9 will be a metal smartphone and its finish will be much more like the iPhone 7. The two will be bright in appearance, but only will be metal. This is curious, because in reality in Piano Black color 7 iPhone has a finish that looks like plastic when we have it in the hand, while the photos seem a finish more premium. Is as is, these two new mobile of telephone will be very good options if are looking for a mobile with features that not are wrong, with a price significantly economic, and with a design that is really good.

The two mobile phones will have the MediaTek helium processor X 20 ten-core, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and operating system with features that will be a pretty good level, as we already told you when we speak of the S7 telephone. That Yes, we must take into account that has not been confirmed details officially of these two smartphones, as well as price or launch date.

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