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These are the options that it offers HTC U Ultra camera

One of the handsets that have been seen at the Mobile World Congress has been the HTC U Ultra. This model was presented beforehand, but the public has been able to meet him in rather more detail in the event which was held in Barcelona. If you aren’t clear what offers your camera, a new company video shows him you completely.

The case is that it has released an official video that shows all the possibilities that are in the House, and by extension heading to the application which is included in the HTC U Ultra. And, the truth is that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to getting most of the component (and, let’s not forget, that HTC 10 has been one of the devices that best sensor has lifted the market in recent times).

Options such as Zoe mode, which allows small videos of three seconds with 720 p quality or which is recommended for all types of use, the so-called photo mode – which is the automatic life-. Obviously they are not the only options that are heading in the HTC U Ultra because there is more like Panorama or the already usual Pro, which allows squeezing the sensor 13 megapixels is in the smartphone game and that puts into play possibilities as 8 F:1. opening that has – or the inclusion of optical stabilization and to make shots in RAW-.

A second video of the HTC U Ultra

Apart from the video which will have seen options included for the terminal Chamber, there is another that we leave behind this paragraph which shows how is the design of differential that is heading in the HTC U Ultra as discussed in range stops called Liquid Design. East as you can see you have a finish on glass which, depending on the angle and from which you look at it and the light falling shows a different look. This is certainly something very little seen in the telephony segment.

The truth is that this HTC U Ultra, a time that new ones have known model presented at the Mobile World Congress of 2017 is not so far away from them and, therefore, if you are one of those that you like the interface Sense and what makes the Taiwanese company, it is an option that should not check out waiting for the arrival of the true replacement for HTC 10.

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