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There will be no Google Phone, but Google will oversee the design of the Nexus more

As Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google, has said in an interview. At the end of last year there were rumours about the launch of a possible Google Phone, a smartphone from Google, rather than a Nexus, a smartphone sold by Google, but manufactured by another company. However, it seems that there will be no Google Phone, at least for the time being. That Yes, Google will monitor with interest the design of the Nexus.

Nexus and Google

So far, companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei and HTC have designed and manufactured smartphones Nexus. Never have you wondered how much of those Nexus was the company and how much Google? It was really easy to get to the conclusion if we did on that ship each year from each of the companies logo was a lot both in technical and price to the smartphone that Google sold. It was obvious, therefore, that it was the manufacturer which most contributed to each smartphone, and Google just installed the software. However, that will change from now on.

Nexus 6P Colores

Rumors had discussed us even the possibility of that Google launched its own smart phone, manufactured by themselves, the style of the portable Chromebook Pixel and the Pixel C. tablet But finally it seems that it is not so, there would not be a Google Phone. However, Google if you will want to have much more to do in the design of the smartphone, we assume that both level hardware visual appearance and quality of manufacture. The latest Nexus 6 p actually a problem in the glass of the Chamber, breaking randomly, something not expected of a mobile phone is a “Premium”. Perhaps this sort of thing are those that want to avoid Google monitoring over the design and manufacture of the Nexus. Whatever it is, it remains to be seen if really Google gets it, because at the end and after the companies nor will want Google to either where decide what should be the new mobile.

No item will be Google Phone, but Google will oversee more the Nexus design was published in AndroidAyuda.

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