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There will be a third Nexus this year, and comes from the hand of Huawei

The company Huawei is in top form and therefore is making progress both in the market because it has become a real option against the large market dominators (such as Samsung and Apple). And, an example of what we say, they are their own terminals – headed by the new P9 – and, also, being part of making the Google Nexus range. And the news that has become known has to do with this last.

Said a Senior Executive of Huawei, this year will come to the market another model that fit in the product range of Mountain View. And, this is excellent news, since the Nexus 6 p has been a success in the market of the phablets, both for its excellent quality and some pretty good sales. So it is not surprising that the collaboration between the two companies is maintained.

Imagen frontal del Nexus 6P

That Yes, this would cast doubt on that HTC puts into circulation two devices in this year 2016 (expected it will launch one of 5 inches and another, of 5.5, the T-50 and T-55, respectively). In this way, we believe that there are two options: that the phablet again to make the Chinese company and, therefore, of smaller dimensions which put at stake the Taiwanese – disappearing from the map LG, clear. And the second option, it is Huawei to manufacture a model of close to six inches. This is something that I personally believe that it has more force, since in this way in the product range with larger screen would have two models: one cheaper and, the other, would be a stronger option.

Very clear statements

Case is that Charlene Munilall , that is what has indicated that the new model of Huawei this year for the Nexus range will be a reality (and is one of the General Manager of the company around the world). They are really enlightening, because it makes clear that there will be terminal and, in addition, already production – is underway – referring to the design. Therefore, if you’re of the Nexus 6 p like, this year will have a model from the same manufacturer that replaced them and, obviously, will be ‘pure’ Android.

Logotipo de Nexus

And, perhaps, this is one of the first models in which Google has more control, as announced not long ago Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company. Either way everything points to that this year is more than likely to arrive three Nexus to the market (you don’t have a date for this, but everything points to the autumn), and one of them, would be held by Huawei. What do you think about this possibility?

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