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The Z2 ZUK presents an economic model with 4 GB of RAM

Lenovo already has a few brands within your company. One of the most interesting is ZUK, since this works in a similar way to as does Honor in Huawei. In case it is a new phone that belongs to this sub-brand has been and, comes with a few more interesting options both in hardware and in price. We speak of the ZUK Z2.

The first thing that we see indicate, contrary to other occasions, is the price that has the ZUK Z2: is about 250 euros to change. Normally, this tends to be indicative of some components of, at most, half game… But, in this case, not so and the hardware is worthy of the most powerful segment of the market. Therefore, and as we shall see, is much pressed to the other manufacturers.

ZUK Z2 de color blanco

An example of what we say is that the processor that is integrated into the Internet options is a Snapdragon 820 , which is the best that currently has Qualcomm. This SoC is quad-core, and has a very powerful GPU Adreno 530. Therefore, do not envy absolutely nothing to devices such as the G5 LG or HTC 10. In addition, the RAM of the Z2 ZUK is of 4 GB, by what we speak again of a quantity that is associated with most outstanding terminals, such as the aforementioned.

More details of the Z2 ZUK

This terminal screen is of 5 inch Finish 2. 5 d, so it integrates seamlessly with the housing – which is aluminum-. The resolution that you have this panel is Full HD, so here is a step below the most powerful reaching QHD – allowing you to be in part as economic. By the way, the dimensions of this component make charging the battery is left 3,500 mAh, is not too bad everything must be said and that, Yes, has a fast reload.

Imagen lateral del ZUK Z2

Other details that must know of the new model that has been presented on the day of today are those that we list here:

  • 64 GB of storage expandable using microSD card
  • Main 13 megapixel camera with dual autofocus and Aperture 2 F:2.. THE forward component is 8 megapixel
  • Includes fingerprint reader and USB connection type C
  • Zen 2.0 UI over Android UI marshmallow (dispenses Cyanogen OS)

Diseño del ZUK Z2

A very interesting this ZUK Z2 model, which offers high-end features with a price that is usual in the middle. It will be released first in China, on June 7, without having knowledge of what will be their subsequent deployment. The colors that can be achieved are the white and black. do you think a good option?

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