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The Xiaomi my Note 2 will be the large smartphone of the year, best that the Xiaomi my 5s

The Xiaomi my 5s and the Xiaomi my 5s Plus have been presented this week as two of them large smartphones of the year, the revisions of the ship logo of Xiaomi. However, the Chinese company has prepared a release of still higher level, which will compete with the new Google Pixel. It treats of the Xiaomi my Note 2. The new phone smart will come to end of this month of October.

Xiaomi my Note 2

The Xiaomi my Note 2 will arrive as the new great smartphone from the company this year 2016. While it seemed that the big launch was going to stay in my 5s Plus Xiaomi, it will not, they will see a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 by a higher level. Good, not even have clear if that will be the name final of the phone smart, because is has spoken also of other denominations, as Xiaomi my Note Pro or Xiaomi my Note 2 Pro. See finally how is called the smartphone. Is as is, according to the data that us arrive of Xiaomi Today, from of the analyst Asian bread Jiutang, the new mobile will be the more expensive and powerful released until the time by the company. And apparently, land to end of the next month of October, by which if were doubting between buy the Xiaomi my 5s Plus or wait to a new release, perhaps is the moment of wait a month more.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Cámara

A mobile of high level

Although the Xiaomi my 5s Plus already is a great smartphone, this Xiaomi my Note 2 would improve to the former with some features that would be own of the best phone smart of the year. For example, your screen will be of 5.7 inches, but also will count with a resolution Quad HD of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, being improves that the Full HD of the Xiaomi my 5s Plus. In addition, this screen will be curved in them ends, and will count with detection of pressure 3D Touch, to the style of the iPhone 7. The processor of this mobile would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, while the memory RAM would reach nothing less that the 8 GB, with a memory internal of 256 GB. Your battery would come to the 3600 mAh, being compatible with fast charging Quick Charge 3.0 of Qualcomm technology. All this with MIUI 8, based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

With the arrival of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 in October, the smartphone would compete with new smart phones Google Pixel presented the week coming, and will be the final release of Xiaomi this by 2016, leaving just the Huawei Mate 9 already in the list of great smartphones that will arrive before the end of the year.

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