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The use of gestures will come to the new Nexus fingerprint reader

Waiting for confirmation regarding the arrival of the new Nexus of Google, that all points that will be manufactured by HTC and that will be two them models that is put in game, is just of know a novelty that will be of the split in them devices and that has that see with the reader of footprints that is integrated. Have it you.

Case is that as it has become known, this integrated accessory will have new options for use as will recognize gestures that are carried out. Thus, for example, dragging up down in finger in this place will display the notification bar. This is very useful, since other manufacturers like e.g. Huawei offer this way of acting, and the truth, and that once you learn its use, is quite helpful.

Uso de los gestos en oe nuevos Nexus

As it has been seen in the previous picture, which shows will be like the wizard of the new Nexus in which explains the new functionality, has known another detail that will be the starting devices: the fingerprint reader it stays on the back , I think that it is a success because this position is much more ergonomic when you are using the phone (e, even you can make use of the accessory using only one hand).

We already have possible date for the Nexus, October 4

Perhaps more features

If we take as reference models that are on the market and which already recognize gestures, it is normal that the number of these that recognize the new Nexus is greater than just the vertical, and therefore possible to perform more actions with it. Thus, for example, could be added making a photo by pressing continuously on the fingerprint reader or simply Zoom in an image using a horizontal movement. Therefore, the possibilities are many, and see which Google.

Trasera del Nexus 5X y el Nexus 6P

Download the wallpapers that come in the new Nexus

What us and has known is if those models that now has reader of traces of the range of Google, as are the Neus 5 X and 6 p , through a software update (arrival of Android Nougat) will get to use the gesture recognition. In principle, unless there is a hardware compatibility problem, it is normal that it does and that the Mountain View company advance with the functionality of an accessory that has become almost a standard. What you think about the arrival of gestures to the new Nexus?

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