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The updates to Android 7 have effect in the month of March

Probably you are one of those users have been waiting for for a long time the update to the new version of the operating system for your smart phone. Android 7 updates are taking much to arrive. But it seems that finally in the month of March beginning be clear which Android 7 is the current version and has a presence in more mobile.

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Google publishes every month a report on the distribution of the different versions of the operating system for smart phones and tablets. Thanks to this know how to progress the various versions in which quantities of mobiles are installed. Usually the latest versions usually take enough to have real significance in these reports, but the case of Android 7 has been especially remarkable, since Nougat has been very few mobiles so far. However, in the report submitted in March, Android 7 has managed to double its presence in the Smartphone market. Right now already has a 2.8%, the double that the month last. And that leaves clear something. Upgrades to the new version of the operating system are finally taking effect.

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Even so, major versions at this time are still that dominated the last month. Marshmallow and Lollipop are those that have more presence. This is not negative, since they are pretty updated versions. Perhaps if it is negative, what the fact nearly one of every six mobile account with a version prior to these. That is, many users still have Android 4.4 KitKat, or even a version earlier.

For get that this not follow passing in the future, it only that is wait is that them manufacturers launch their mobile already with the last version of the system operating, Android 7 Nougat, so within some years, not continue speaking of a report with results very similar.

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