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The update to Android 7, arriving already officially to the Galaxy S7

It Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge van to be the upcoming smartphones in update to Android 7. Well, actually, can that them two mobile already are receiving the update of form official. In fact, some users already claim to be updating their mobile to the version final of the system operating.

The update official starts to arrive

Have spoken on several occasions of the version Beta of Android 7 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Indeed, we have spoken of different versions that have gone coming of this firmware as has State in phase Beta. However, recently we have already said that the Beta had ended, and that now all that remained was to reach the final and official version smartphones, something that would occur in the month of January. And it seems that even today, day 4, some users who have the Samsung Galaxy S7 are getting an update to the new version of software whose version number is G935FXXU1DPLR. It is not a Beta version, but the final firmware 7 Android-based Samsung flagship, which, after a few months, finally receives the official update to this new version.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Portada

All Samsung Galaxy S7?

Even so, still would be by realize something. We don’t know if it’s a massive release of the update, or if at this time only a few users have received the official version, that would be something like a small test before launching the update to all users on a massive scale. However, having already some Samsung Galaxy S7 with this new version, is quite clear that even though is try of a test, not take much in see how is converts in a update generalized for all them Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as also for the version with screen curve.

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