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The sunsets now reach Pokémon GO

Everyone knows success which reached Pokemon GO last year. The game broke records of users and caught a lot of people who had never before played with your mobile phone or had played a Pokemon game. We can say that it was a real success, but actually, team working on Pokémon GO was not very large. In fact, it is now, almost a year later, when the sunsets to the game.

Sunsets in Pokémon GO

As many have been able to guess, the playability of the game does not change with this new development, which is only visual. The sunsets come to Pokémon GO. So far in the game existed just night and day. The change from one to another occurred without any transition, which was strange. This did not affect the operation of the game, obviously.

Pokemon GO

However, now confirms that from the beginning the idea was to launch a transition, such as a sunset, so that the change would be gradual. The big problem they had was the lack of personnel, and the fact of having to work around the clock. At the same time, this gives us an ideal of the small team that the company had. This has been expanded to the great success of Pokémon GO, but the truth is that they were so limited, that they were even having a transition from day to night in the game.

And all this despite the fact that the company came from Google. Let us remember that Niantic became independent Google shortly before the release of Pokémon GO. Then, Ingress, already, had launched a long time ago as a game based on augmented reality, and Google had already collaborated with Pokemon for a special event with Google Maps.

Despite all this, Niantic was a small team, and that’s why up to now, not have been able to even include a sunset ingame, now yes, it is already coming.

The article the sunsets come now was published in AndroidAyuda to Pokémon GO.

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