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The simplest way to follow a flight from your Android

Today, having a mobile is almost like having a computer. In fact, in many occasions the mobile feature with more functions that them computers, or at least with functions more optimized. For example, this is the form more simple of follow a flight from your Android. It is as easy as using options that Google Now gives us.

Looking for a flight in Google Now

He objective initial of Google Now from the beginning always was the same, the of be able of offer us information that US interest without us it have that search. Thus, if we have purchased a plane ticket and we received them in the email, the flight information will appear on Google Now. But it is that, in addition, even if we have not received them in Gmail, the truth is that it is possible that Google Now shows us the flight details if just we do a search on Google with that flight code.

Google Now Vuelo

For this, it only need is know the code of the flight, and the airline. Usually, IBERIA IB and the number of flight, by put an example, will be enough to know the time of output of the aircraft, the hour of arrival, how much time is if already is the aircraft in the air, as well as the State of the flight.

Best of all is that once we’ve made a Google search with this data, we will only have to access Google Now to see the flight information. This is because the platform is designed to show the information without having to search for it. Google will give for granted that we are interested in this flight, and it will be showing on Google Now the most up-to-date flight information. Moreover, we will receive a notification even when the plane has landed, or where there is a major incident.

Although there are applications to follow flights that are even more complex, this is certainly the easiest way to follow any flight from your mobile Android.

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