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The Samsung S3 Gear comes to compete with the future Apple Watch 2

Samsung has presented officially its new watch intelligent, the Samsung Gear S3. It is not only a response to the watches that have already been presented with Android Wear, but also to what is coming, Apple Watch 2. Thus, the new clock of Samsung is converts in an option very interesting for who seek a smartwatch of the more high level, thanks to all the functions that incorporates.

Samsung Gear S3, one of the more complete

Samsung is very clear that the future of the technology are smart watches, and each year takes your new clock. From this year, that Yes, it is not so new as of the last year in comparison with what has been released so far. And is that is seems much to the Samsung Gear S2, although its size is superior. It is larger, and that probably will be more appropriate to the male market, although we will later explain an interesting nuance on this brand new watch.

Samsung Gear S3

Its innovations include a microphone and a speaker that we can make such calls from the own smart watch as well as listen to audios. There are that have in has a novelty important in this clock, and is that is has included a version native of it application of Spotify, by what can listen music with our features of Spotify and ones headphones Bluetooth, something that for me is really relevant.

Regarding its technical characteristics, we find ourselves with a 4 GB internal memory, as well as 724 MB memory RAM. In general, us found with a watch very similar to the of the year last, with any inclusion relevant, as them already mentioned, and a size something superior, thanks to which is has could integrate a battery of 380 mAh, that is can load of form Wireless and that would offer 3-4 days of battery.

To all this there are that add something more, as the chip eSIM, with which is can virtualize a card SIM and thus have data and connection mobile in the watch intelligent, a novelty that is quite interesting, although of time in Spain not has much utility because no operator offers this service. All this including them typical sensors that would find in a clock advanced sports, what implies a barometer, an altimeter, a monitor of rhythm heart, and a sensor of luminosity. In addition, that Yes, integrates GPS, what is a novelty with regard to the Samsung Gear S2.

Samsung Gear S3 E
Samsung Gear S3 D
Samsung Gear S3 C
Samsung Gear S3 B
Samsung Gear S3 A

Two versions, and the Samsung Gear S2 does not go away

The Samsung Gear S3 comes in two versions, a Frontier, and a version Classic. But the Samsung S2 Gear does not disappear. They look very similar, although the latter is smaller, and is for this reason that the two will follow in the market, with the latter being a more economical option for users, and the Samsung S3 Gear option with more features and more recent. There will be that wait still for to confirm the price with which comes in the different versions in which will be available.

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