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The Samsung S Health application is updated and becomes more social

The application Samsung S Health is one of the best that has never developed this company for their Android terminals. Its wealth of options is really striking and, Additionally, its efficiency has demonstrated that it is the best that there is in the market. As well, this work has received an update.

The concrete version which reached Samsung S Health is the and, apart from the usual corrections of performance and increase the pressure and performance, it includes some noevedaes which are the most interesnates. And, among them, hya a calling attention to increase the social use of the application.

Samsung S Health Galaxy S6

Specifically, what is added is the power share with others the achievements obtained (option already available in Strava, for example), whether steps taken throughout the day, or a physical activity more concrete, such as a bike ride. In this way, you can know if you are in better shape than a friend who has a Samsung S Health, and as not, always appears the competitive spirit that is always positive to move forward.

More things to Samsung S Health

But not here just the addition or changes that have been introduced in Samsung S Health, with the clear aim of staying as one of the best developments in its segment of the market. The most interesting, apart from the above, are the following:

  • Better control of the control of the steps given to combining those arriving from accessories and the timados from the terminal itself
  • Home of the outlet of heart rate through the use of gestures
  • Synchronization of glucose in the blood by using either CareSens N ela
  • Export data such as heart rate or the pressure of the blood in HTML, PDF, XML and XLS files

S Health Samsung Galaxy S5

With these additives and which already offers application Samsung S Health, the truth is that this work remains as one of the best in the market and, as not, remains the best that has made the Korean company for mobile terminals with Android . In this link you can download development Play Store and, in this one, from Galaxy Apps.

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