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The Samsung Galaxy X with screen flexible would come to end of 2017

Precisely yesterday spoke of the news that would see in them mobile that would arrive this year 2017, and among them mentioned them screens flexible, or rather them mobile with screen flexible. The first to arrive would be the Samsung Galaxy X, and now already has a possible release date, at the end of the year 2017.

Launch of Samsung Galaxy X

If we have to start talking about when it was heard for the first time of the launch of a flexible screen smartphone, we can come at the beginning of 2015. It was at that time when it was claimed that Samsung could launch a mobile at the end of the year with a flexible screen. In fact, had already appeared prototypes of these screens. The mobile did not, but if we begin to see the flexible screen integrated in mobile with curved screen, such as Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. To the year following it spoke of a launch to end of 2016 of said smartphone. It has not come as you have seen, now that it has ended the year. And how it could be otherwise, we are in 2017, and refers to a release of the mobile at the end of this year, although it must be said that this time seems more likely.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Seems it because we name for months, Samsung Galaxy X. But also because makes lack an innovation in the market that do that Samsung compete with its rival, and makes time that the prototype of the mobile is ready.

It says that the smartphone would be available to be released between the third and the fourth quarter of this year 2017. Are data with much detail as to be something false. Although clear is, still remains time as to make this change. And rather than time, still there is the option of that finally Samsung decides to not throw it.

Have in features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 arrived with problems of design that caused blasts, and this led to the withdrawal of the mobile of the market. As innovative as A Samsung Galaxy X with flexible screensmartphone, could be even more susceptible to these errors, and Samsung does not want another mistake as big as that. For this reason, it will still take.

The difference between the Samsung Galaxy X and any Mobile Edge of the company, is that the mobile will be flexible. I.e., we can do that it is curved or flat, while the curved screen, mobile are curved, and we can not change its shape. Something would be innovative in the world of mobile phones, and will have to see if finally is released or not. At the moment, that Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first that will have to come as the flagship of this year.

Article El Samsung Galaxy X with flexible display would arrive by the end of 2017 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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