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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will come with S-Pen to rival the iPad Pro

Since Samsung Galaxy S8 will not launch at Mobile World Congress 2017 as it had come to be a regular, but that it will take a couple of months, the great event of the year which will begin this weekend in the South Korean company launches Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, its new high-end tablet , will feature a pointer S-Pen and that, therefore, it will rival the iPad Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be the big launch of the company in this Mobile World Congress 2017, the event which will be held in the city of Barcelona. In previous years, the company had used the event to carry out one of the most important release of the year, that of the flagship of each season. On this occasion, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was expected, but the smartphone will not come until the month of April, so it will not be the protagonist of the Mobile World Congress 2017. In the event, however, it will be presented the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. The tablet will have technical characteristics that become one of the best tablets on the market, although it must be said that as far as their components referred to the tablet will continue without being at the level of high-end mobile phones coming to market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Teclado

It is clear by the fact that this will be a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, while the Snapdragon 821 was launched in the middle of last year, and that it will now launch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

Among the other features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 we have a 9.6 inch screen with a 4:3 ratio and a Super AMOLED technology. In addition, it will especially highlight sound system that will count, that already integrate technology from AKG, a company that is part of the HARMAN group which has acquired Samsung last year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Rival iPad Pro

One of the most noteworthy features of this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will be two attachments that will count. And it is that a keyboard as a S-pen stylus will be both This is something noteworthy because in general it is common that the Samsung S-Pen stylus arrives in the Galaxy of Note, although it also came with the Galaxy Tab. Even so, it is a good thing, because thus the tablet will become a serious rival of the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface. Whatever it is, it will be more in this Mobile World Congress 2017 when the new tablet from the company will be presented.

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