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The Samsung Galaxy S8 would have with auto focus in the camera front

It is logical that with each new version of the flagships of each year we see improvements in the different hardware components, and even more so in the case of cameras, essential for users. Therefore, the new front camera of Samsung Galaxy S8 could highlight precisely by a new system for auto focus so far we had not seen in many smartphones.

Improving the camera front

While it might seem a little relevant element compared to the processor, memory, screen, or the main camera units, the truth is that the front camera has a leading role in all smart phones on the market. And is that the selfies already form part of the day to day of any user. In fact, in many cases the front camera is still most used to rear camera, and hence any innovation that reaches the front camera can be even more relevant than a novelty in the main Chamber.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Specifically, the new news on the Samsung Galaxy S8 tell us that the flagship of the company will have a renewed front camera which will include something that so far we had not seen in almost any smart phone market, as it is a new system of auto focus with which we can get very well focused selfies. The manufacturers claimed that it was not necessary to include a system of auto focus in the front-facing camera, because you do not need to capture quality selfies. However, in the fight by launch a mobile that is differ of them others, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 that would include this feature for your camera front, what supposed an improves relevant in the smartphone since until the time not had seen a great improves in this component with the arrival of them different versions, as itself have seen in the last iPhone 7. And precisely this is what could lead to Samsung to decide is by improving the camera front.

Samsung Galaxy S8, release and more information

In regards to the other features of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it seems that the key will return to the screen with Super AMOLED technology and curve. In addition, improve its performance -processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, as with 6 GB RAM memory, which also would be a considerable improvement, and all this without forgetting a more than likely dual camera. His presentation is expected for the month of February, although not would be nor nothing strange that this year the company decided to wait a little more before launch the mobile for ensure that not has problems as them of the Galaxy Note 7.

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