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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will use facial recognition to mobile payments

Can already go saying goodbye to fingerprint readers. Yes, they have been helpful, but could soon be replaced permanently by facial recognition, at least in the case of the Samsung Galaxy systems S8.

The new mobile Samsung will feature three different user identification systems. Two of them known, one that seems to begin to disappear and another that seems to be the future.

Fingerprint reader could soon be history. A physical reader, an item of hardware that expensive mobile and complicates the design is necessary. In this Samsung Galaxy S8 has passed to the rear section of the mobile. But we can say almost in a precise way that the coming year will not be present on the flagship.

What it will replace? As facial recognition systems.   And the Samsung Galaxy S8 with two. One of them already knew it, which analyzes our face to identify us. However, it has improved thanks to the advance of new technologies of face recognition, and new front cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have two. One of them will be the recognition of the future system.

It’s the recognition system of the iris that mobile will be able to know with precision if we ourselves. This system will be used to make payments with your phone, instead of the fingerprint reader. In fact, it seems that it is the execution of the company for the future. We will see whether it is so or not. And everything will depend on whether users be get accustomed to this system and if it is really effective.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 item will use facial recognition to mobile payments was published in AndroidAyuda.

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