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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a 3D Touch… partial screen

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most mobile expected this 2017. The smartphone to be announced already this month of March, at the end of it, and then will be when we can confirm all the technical characteristics that will be. Now new arrivals data reporting that he chopped down a lap section mobile would be sensitive to the pressure, in the style of the iPhone Touch 3D.

The pressure sensitive screen

It is not a new technology. In fact, we have seen different mobile rely on this technology for some time. The first of which, it was rumored that it would have this screen was iPhone 6s, and so it was. But a little before launched the Huawei Matt S already incorporating this same. Even so, many are not phones that have this technology, and it seems something really essential. However, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a pressure sensitive screen.

Galaxy S8

The funny thing is that it would not be the totality of the screen that would be noticeable, but only one section, the navigation buttons. Let us remember that, so the mobile can have a larger screen and less bezels, Samsung prescindirá of physical navigation buttons. This is very notable, because it has always been a characteristic element in Samsung mobiles. And to compensate for that deficiency, it will convert the section of the display is the navigation bar, in a sensitive section pressure, so that the buttons could have multiple functions depending on the pressure applied on them.

Not only the Samsung Galaxy S8

Finally, it is said that would not be only the Samsung Galaxy S8 which would have this technology, but we also see Note 8 Galaxy with this novelty. However, for when it launches this mobile in the second half of the year, Samsung would have already achieved that technology to be used in all of the screen, and not just in a section. For that you will have to wait the months of September or October. At the moment, novelty will be the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its pressure sensitive screen partially.

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