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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with its own AirPods

One of the products most striking that Apple has presented in recent times are the AirPods, headphones wireless with Bluetooth that adapt perfectly to the design of these headphones from the company. As well, now Samsung seems to have its own AirPods already almost readyto be released together to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The AirPods of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple introduced the AirPods as a product very similar to the EarPods, with the same design, but wireless, wireless. Different software and hardware issues have made headphones launch be delayed, although now they are on the market, with a price of 180 euros. They may not get a very expensive price that will make a product that really like to iPhone users. And obviously, Samsung had to respond to Apple with a very similar product. And it seems that along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch a wireless headset, also of small size, and very similar to these AirPods. Not is clear if these headphones are sold by separate, if is included next to the smartphone, what would be great but seems impossible, nor nor the price that could have.

Samsung AirPods

Without jack

There are that have in features that Samsung could have given already many steps to raise is this launch. It is the case, for example, of the fact Remove Samsung Galaxy S8 headset jack, 7 iPhone style, which makes ideal wireless headphones. But besides that, it has recently acquired the company specialized in audio Harman, so it has a whole series of advances in audio technology that could integrate both the software and hardware mobile and what could be devices that are launched with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

At the moment, that Yes, we don’t know how much it will cost, although it would be ideal that the company decided to give them next to the phone, contrary to what Apple has done. Of course, that this could give the impression that they are worth less than the AirPods, and don’t think is precisely that what I want Samsung. Either way, the launch is scheduled for sometime in the first half of the 2017, probably in the month of June, and then will be when all the technical characteristics of the mobile will be confirmed.

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