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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus would have 6-inch screen

We continue to receive news about who will probably be one of the motives of the year 2017, and perhaps the most sold. We talked about nothing less than the ship’s badge company South Korean, and more specifically of the advanced version of this, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, a variant which would highlight for its 6-inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

First, it emphasizes the fact that will be named Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This surname contrasts with that used on some occasions, that is the Edge. In reality it has logic. It seems that all versions of the new phone will have a curved screen, by what the surname Edge no longer need be used. In addition, last name Plus is not so rare, as before in the past we have seen both versions Edge, as versions Plus and Plus Edge. Of course, the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus would also confirm the existence of two versions, and a more than likely Samsung Galaxy S8.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

6 inch screen

The difference between the two mobile phones would be on the screen, obviously. One will be larger than the other screen. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will be the largest, and the most recent data tell us that it will feature a 6-inch display. This is something less than what until now is had said, and something more than what we have seen in all them Galaxy Note until the moment. It was said that it would throw a Samsung Galaxy S8 with 5.5 inch screen and another with 6.2 inch. As well, none of that according to the latest data.

In reality, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have 5-inch screen, and Samsung Galaxy S8 with 6-inch screen. The two would have size less than that you see in mobile today with screens of this type because there would be no almost bezels. In fact, the physical Home button will disappear.

These new screen sizes we haven’t seen them before in the Samsung Galaxy high, but despite this the mobile format could be the same as the previous smartphones due to the bevel would almost disappear. Moreover, in the case of the S8 Galaxy, it would almost result in a mobile Compact, while that Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus would have a very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus size, despite having a larger screen.

At the moment, that Yes, we should expect. And can that even has to wait to April. Although it logical is that from now until the launch official continue becoming more data on these mobile.

The article the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus would have with screen of 6 inches is published in AndroidAyuda.

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