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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with 6 GB RAM could reach Europe

The super Samsung Galaxy S8 could reach Europe. We talked about the flagship company launched in a version which will only come to South Korea, but it boasts a number of enhanced features to other versions that reach around the world. 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory make this Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus one of the best mobile market. We now know that it could reach other parts of the world, including Europe.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with 6 GB of RAM in Europe

It has become common to be launched exclusive versions for different markets with some of the largest mobile. Initially this only occurred with some colors of mobile phones, but now is not only so, but it does also variants with different technical characteristics, such as variations in memory RAM, internal memory, or processor. It is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The smartphone was launched in a special version with 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of internal memory as well as the Samsung DeX accessory in the same promotion. However, it was only available in Korea of the South, and given that is the country that has the Samsung headquarters, seemed that it would not to the rest of the world.

Samsung Galaxy S8

However, now says that this version could reach other markets in which the smartphone could be interesting, where users who buy the new phone would. She is not clear what those markets, but says that China is one of the countries in which mobile phones with 6 GB of RAM are very sold. It is not known whether it would also include United States or Europe, but the truth is that this makes us believe that there are possibilities of Samsung to release the Galaxy S8 Plus with your memory RAM 6 GB and internal memory of 128 GB also in Europe. If so, it would be possible to get it from Spain.

Even so, at the moment highlights will be to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 in our country in its standard version. Mobile may be achieved very soon around the world, and aims to be one of the best smartphones available on the market.

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