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The Samsung Galaxy S8 might be able to become a computer

It Samsung Galaxy S8 will be one of the smartphones of the year that comes. And hope that count with characteristics truly innovative with respect to them versions of years earlier, because to the end and after that is it logical in them mobile of new generation. Samsung Galaxy S8 might be able to turn on a computer.

A smartphone or a computer?

We already know that mobile phones are increasingly being more advanced. In many cases it has discussed that a mobile phone is a miniature computer. Well, it is actually so. We have almost the same components. In fact, we have today even mobile with RAM memories of high capacity and processors capable of running such complex tasks as editing photographs in Photoshop. Clear is, not have a screen or a keyboard or a mouse with which to be able to convert a mobile in a computer. Of truth is necessary? Many times we talked that it is not so necessary that a smartphone is like a computer. But the truth is that you always have that as an option is a good thing.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Continuum

Samsung Galaxy S8

Precisely this could be one of the novelties of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and is that the smartphone could become a computer. It is a function that we had already seen in the Windows of high-end mobile. Can use it takes USB Type-C to connect the smartphone to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, and of that form use the processor and the units of memory of the mobile to run them tasks of high performance.

This function is seems a lot to it function Continuum that already saw in the mobile from Microsoft. However, to difference of them mobile of Microsoft, the Samsung that will be a mobile that is sell a lot, by what will be a great news that the smartphone is available for a large amount of users. Is more, if this is converted in a function truly used, probably it will see imitated in many others phone smart. In fact, already is possible get something very similar with some applications, by what not will be nothing rare that those manufacturers even of mobile very economic begin to integrate these functions in their smartphones. To the end and after, those components have capacity surplus to run it all.

The article he Samsung Galaxy S8 could be capable of converting is in a computer is published in AndroidAyuda.

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