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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has final launch date

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has not been present at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Samsung had chosen the Barcelona event in recent years to launch the high-end of each generation smartphone, but has not been the case in the 2917. However, we already know when the new Samsung Galaxy S8, will launch its official release date is March 29.

Launch of the Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 stole center stage at Mobile World Congress 2017, and has done so not being present in the city of Barcelona. It is not because Samsung has not wanted to be at the event, because if the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has been presented, but rather it has been a problem of not being able to get ready in time the new smartphone. So the things, the smartphone will be launched later, although we already have an official release date, March 29. This means that it will within a month about when already will be officially presented the new smartphone from the company and will be confirmed by all the technical characteristics of the new mobile

The news comes at a time that is no coincidence. On the day in which manufacturers as LG, Huawei, and others like Moto and Nokia, have presented their new smartphones, appears that will be the date of the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. And yes. While mobile phones from these manufacturers are good, the truth is that the prominence of the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well this mobile sales figures, far above its rivals, that will make the smartphone eclipse rivals throughout this month, in which most likely continuing flows of new information which will be the flagship of the company this year 2017. On March 29 the wait will end this Samsung Galaxy S8, and will can now when officially confirm all the features of the new phone. We will also know when it will be available in final form this Samsung Galaxy S8.

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