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The Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a dual camera like the iPhone 7 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be one of the best mobile to be released in 2017, and probably a contender to be the best-selling mobile next year. We already started to talk about some of the features that will be, but we now know that his camera might be dual and could be similar to the 7 Plus iPhone.

A camera dual

It is clear that the dual cameras have landed in the world of mobile phones to stay. Almost everyone, not to mention almost all phones high quality have been launched this year, has had a dual camera which uses one or another technology. Of the few that do not have seen with this camera has been the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, precisely two of them mobile more sold of the market. However, it seems that this dual camera will not remain absent in the Samsung Galaxy S8. We already know the competition that exists between the Apple mobile and Samsung, and having a dual camera, Samsung 7 Plus iPhone not could do something else rather than launch a mobile phone with dual camera, even if that does not bring something special to photographs.

iPhone 7 Plus

In this case, also, seems that the camera that Samsung would integrate would follow the same road that it’s the iPhone 7 Plus. I.e., it would not be a RGB sensor and other monochrome, in the style of what you see in the Huawei P9 and my Xiaomi 5s Plus, but that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have a dual camera capable of making optical zoom on the image, something possible only with a dual camera, or using a much larger camera that does not have any logic in the design of the new phone. So, probably you will find a very similar to the iPhone camera 7 Plus in it comes to technology. Starting from there, all will depend of the quality of the sensor, and of how integrate Samsung this camera in your phone smart. That is what will determine what mobile has better camera.

The article he Samsung Galaxy S8 could count with a camera dual as it’s the iPhone 7 Plus is published in AndroidAyuda.

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