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The Samsung Galaxy S8 can send music to two Bluetooth devices at the same time

Bluetooth has become the best way that we have to get rid of the cables. We no longer have to connect the phone to speakers or headphones if they have Bluetooth. The Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, features Bluetooth 5.0, which is also Dual. We can i.e. send music to two devices at the same time. How to activate it?

Samsung Galaxy S8 with Bluetooth Dual

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the first smartphone that has come with the latest version of this wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0. One of the features of this latest version is what is referred to as Bluetooth Dual, and which implies the possibility of Samsung Galaxy S8 to connect to two different audio Bluetooth devices, and can send music simultaneously both of them, and can also change the volume of each one individually.

Galaxy S8 Pantalla

It is a nice feature if we bear in mind that Bluetooth audio devices are increasingly used and are of a higher quality. This is clear by the fact that mobile like the iPhone or the high-end Xiaomi, already even have audio jack, so their goal is make the Bluetooth audio devices which replace the headphones.

Thus, if we have two Bluetooth speakers at home, or have different sound equipment with Bluetooth connectivity in different rooms in our home, as well as if multiple users are watching the same movie on mobile, each with their headphones, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 can both listen with a single smartphone.

To activate this option you need to go to settings > connections > Bluetooth > Menu options > Dual Audio, and select the checkbox that we can enable this feature. If you are one of the users who already has headphones or Bluetooth speakers, it will certainly be a feature that will use and that will be really useful.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 item can send music to two devices Bluetooth was simultaneously published in AndroidAyuda.

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