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The Samsung Galaxy S8 appears in the first real photo

First real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It appears that is the first picture that would confirm us the design that will be the new flagship. Some of its features, are confirmed data which are published together by both the image itself to it. Would you like to know how will the smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S8, confirmed features

Well, let’s start making this image, supposedly the first real picture of the smartphone, confirms us on your Smartphone.

USB Connector Type-C. Samsung microUSB that we saw in the previous Galaxy S7 to the USB Type-C passed, and it is logical, since it offers many more possibilities, including being able use Samsung DeX.

Curved screen. It is not new, it is already typical in Samsung mobiles. But in any case the curve display is something remarkable. Discussed that could come in two versions, one with a curved screen, and another with standard screen. Because no, now said, again, in this information, that the two versions will have curved screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plata

Audio jack. Yes, finally not be prescindir√° take jack, as in the iPhone 7, but that the smartphone will include a classic takes for headphone jack, you can use a standard headset.

Goodbye to the Samsung logo. Does not appear in the top of the screen or at the bottom, which leads us to two more details.

Screen occupies almost all of the front. We already knew that compete with Xiaomi my MIX would be one of the objectives. With a display that occupies almost all the front, will be one of the key features. By the way, not only he has dispensed of the logo for this.

Goodbye to the Home button. There is no Home button. This is rare and strange. It is logical that the buttons are virtual hoisted on screen in the bottom section.

Fingerprint reader. However, the most striking is what happens with the fingerprint reader. Given that the Home button disappears, the fingerprint reader will be in the rear section of the mobile, close to the camera. Seeing the rear section of the front, it will be to the right of the camera, so it is not clear if it will be easy to use or not. The logical thing is if they have tried it if so.

In any case, the smartphone will be launched officially in March, and will be then when we can confirm definitively all official features.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 article appears in the first real photo was published in AndroidAyuda.

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