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The Samsung Galaxy S8 already has almost a date of release final

After months speaking of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and of rumors that we said that could be the first ship logo in reach, seems that not will be so. At least if we consider the date almost final release now that we know. And Yes, the mobile that is released finally in the month of April, in an event only.

Samsung Galaxy S8 in April

It Samsung Galaxy S8 would come in the month of April, as some rumours claimed, but never of form as clear as now. And is that already not only is speaks of April, but it speaks of a day in concrete of the month as date of launch. And besides that, data that lead us to think that it will be a definite date are also given. In particular, it would be April 18 when would be the smart phone officially. A date that seems logical if we consider that have come recently with respect to smart phone and information that could directly affect the launch of the mobile.

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Beginning in March the production

Among all this, we see that the production of the smartphone could begin in March. There are that have in has that it another date likely of release was in the month of February, to end of the month of February or beginning of March, precisely coinciding with the Mobile World Congress 2017, the event of the city of Barcelona. Is the event in which Samsung usually launch its ship logo, and unless so has been in the two latest occasions. But not will occur as well in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8. And it is that if production begins in March, it is logical that the mobile not can be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Will have to be presented more afternoon, and the 18 of April is a date that fits to the perfection with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Of time, that Yes, still there will be that wait a little, although taking in has that are to 2017, not would be nothing rare that not missing both to know with more precision when is plans to launch the mobile. At least, if is planned launch in February, the invitations would begin to arrive soon, and seems that that not going to happen.

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