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The S-Pen could arrive with the new Samsung Galaxy S8

He S-Pen is one of them accessories more popular of them smartphones from Samsung, although only characterizes to them smartphones and tablets of the series Note. However, the latest information tell us that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could be compatible also with the S-Pen stylus, which would come as an accessory for the smartphone.

S-Pen with the Samsung Galaxy S8

The approach is really simple and clear, easy for understand. Samsung Galaxy S8 would have a S-Pen stylus. That itself, not come integrated in the smartphone, but it would be simply an accessory that them users could buy. That means that it will be just an optional accessory, and that it will not be for the Samsung Galaxy Note, which becomes integrated into the own smartphone. However, still being something positive for the users that are very accustomed to the use of the pointer. Mainly, will be a good thing for all those who would like to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by this feature, and that with the withdrawal of mobile have been without any further than the purchase of the Galaxy Note 4 options (because remember that Galaxy Note 5 was not launched in Europe).

Diseño imaginario del Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Especially important is this accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Let us note that the Smartphone would have a 6 inch screen. If think in the made of that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was of 5.7 inches, seems logical thinking that a stylus S-Pen would be useful in a screen that will be even more large that it of the Galaxy Note 7, truth?

When finally arrived this S-Pen and taking into account that it would be integrated into the smartphone, either it would be rare that the company decided to launch a special case for the mobile phone that has a space to integrate the new S-Pen there, so between the cover and the mobile we have something very similar to what was the Galaxy Note.

At the moment, that Yes, it seems that we will have to wait until the end of the first quarter of next year 2017 for the launch of the new flagship of Samsung, so there is still time to make the company decide to make modifications to the approach they have with the new mobile that will reach the market, both the Samsung Galaxy S8 as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

The S-Pen article could go with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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