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The removable battery could return with the G5 bike

The Moto G5 will be one of great smartphones on the market of this year 2017. Not by being a mobile high-end, but rather by the fact that the Smartphone will feature a very low price. Well, now we know what with the G5 bike it could return the removable battery.

Removable battery

There are already many technical details that we knew the G5 bike, the new generation which has gone still year after year the King of middle range. It is logical because due to their great relationship quality/price is one of best-selling mobile phones each season.

However, still arrive more details of smartphone us confirming some of the features that will have this new smart phone. In this case, it’s your battery. It is not it will have a particularly notable capacity, but rather with this bike G5 will return again a classic that had disappeared, which is the inclusion of the removable battery in the smart phone. Removing the rear housing it will be possible to replace the battery on the other, which gives the option to a user have multiple batteries to extend the autonomy of the mobile, or at least to easily replace the smartphone battery when its performance has deteriorated by the passage of time.

Moto G4 Plus

Moto G5, protagonist of the MWC 2017

Something very relevant related to Moto G5 has to do with the fact that it is going to have much prominence in this Mobile World Congress 2017. And it is that there will be large absences in the event of the city of Barcelona. One of those big absences will be the Samsung Galaxy S8. The flagship of Samsung will not launch this year at Mobile World Congress as had been usual. On top of that, nor will there be any mobile with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 high-end processor. And also has ruled out the presence of Xiaomi. So things, Moto G5, as a possible King of middle range, will be one of the releases star of this year’s event. We will see if it has a price and if it turns to be a good choice for users looking for a phone that stands out by its quality/price ratio.

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