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The radar of Pokémon GO is to the fall, and so is how works

The radar of Pokemon GO is to the turn of the corner. Probably is an of them features that more have expected after never came to operate of the form accurately. Now the new radar is already in the testing phase. Each time comes to more places. And has landed on some sites more, and may soon could arrive to Spain. How does the new radar?

A radar that gives less problems

The previous radars that have seen in Pokemon GO not have been the best. They have been little effective, or they have been too effective. The case of which right now is this is simple. It is useless, or almost useless. They are Pokémon that is relatively close, but there is no way to determine how to find them. We have published a formula to locate them, but takes so much time that if we don’t carry a bicycle will be impossible to find it before it disappears. That is a big problem. The previous radar was too effective, made us to be very attentive to the mobile to go see if it gave us better signal or worse as we drove. That was that we forget about of what had to our around while walked and that generated situations dangerous. So he retired. However, the new radar will solve all these problems.

LeEco Le 2 Rosa Pokemon GO

A radar renovated road to Pokemon GO

The new radar is becoming more and more regions. Before it was only in San Francisco. Then it came to other parts of California. Later on other regions of the United States, and now has already come out of the American nation. It seems clear that this new radar will arrive with the second generation of Pokémon that will land in the major update to the game. Looks like the current, that is true, but the difference will be that we will have a reference to find the nearby Pokemon, and now their position will be associated with a Pokeparada.

That wants to say that we will have that go to this Pokeparada, that usually are sites illuminated, frequented, and safe, and then locate to the Pokemon, being something that generates less dangerous, and much more easy of use that the system current. There will be to wait to see if finally landing of form final in our country.

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