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The quickest way to recognize a song on your mobile Android

Last week we told you about how to recognize the song that is playing at a specific time without having to install any app on your mobile. However, today we are going to talk about what is the fastest way to recognize a song, because on many occasions we have very little time to recognize the song.

Google Sound Search

Already the same week I explained to all the Android phones that include the application of Google, which are almost all, include also search Google Sound Search tool, able to recognize the song that is playing. To run this, we can press the top bar of Google mobile search, mobile to hear that sound, wait until the musical note icon, and then click this, proceeding the mobile to listen to the song and try to recognize it.

Google Sound Search

A much faster process than the having to install an app if you don’t have any installed app of this type. However, it is still a problem if we want to quickly recognize a song before it stops ringing. What is the fastest way to recognize a song? Using Google Sound Search widget.

If you have the app from Google on your mobile installed, this widget appears in your list of widgets. The only thing you have to do is select it and take it to your main desktop, or to any of the pages of your desktop, and will have the appearance of any other icon, but with a musical note in the Center. Click on this, and the phone will begin to recognize the music that is playing directly. The process is instant, so you can recognize a song in just a few seconds.

The best thing is that you don’t have to take any further, just installed app you have to have the widget added to your desktop, and it doesn’t take nearly space, dice has the same appearance as any other icon.

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