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The P20 telephone will have a 6 GB of dual channel RAM

The telephone P20 goes to be one of those new smartphones of the market more interesting of which van to arrive this year 2016. An of the features of which is speaks is that will count with a memory RAM of 6 GB, that already of by itself is a memory RAM of high capacity, but that also will be of double channel, what is a novelty complete in the market, and that until now not had seen in others smartphones.

High-level performance

One of the features of the P20 telephone will be that it will have a 6 GB RAM. This RAM capacity is of itself something remarkable, because high-level smartphones do not have not even with these memories RAM, but in many cases are in the 4 GB. And they will begin arriving in the second half of this year with 6 GB RAM capabilities, smartphones but in any case, there will be another novelty in this P20 telephone, and it is that the mobile will feature a dual-channel memory system. This is a novelty.


It is not clear what can be referred to with a system of dual channel memory. Could have different features. Currently, in computing such memory systems tends to be useful with graphics card integrated into the motherboard have no own high-capacity memory. With a system of memory of double channel, the card graphics can use the memory RAM while the system can also use this memory.

Whatever it is, the Elephant P20 aims to be one of those mobile with a performance special by having technical features in the market. In addition to this, seems that will count with a screen of 5.5 inches with resolution Full HD and a Chamber of 12 megapixel. Its launch should occur in the following days, so we will soon see if the technical features of the new P20 telephone are confirmed.

The telephone P20 article will feature a 6 GB dual channel RAM memory was published in AndroidAyuda.

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