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The optical zoom mobile, what is it? Is it relevant?

Recently emerging smartphones that feature an optical zoom as a novelty. It is the case of my 6 Xiaomi, which rumor has it that it will have a 5 x optical zoom, or is the case of one of the modules of Chamber of the Moto Z with Hasselblad technology. What is optical zoom? Is it really relevant?

Optical zoom vs. digital zoom

Mobile phones already had zoom, isn’t it? That’s what someone might ask easily when you talk about the zoom as a novelty. And the truth is Yes. We can zoom in when using the camera, or once a photograph. However, it is not a real zoom. We are only expanding digitally a certain image capture, so we’re losing quality. A real optical zoom is that which is obtained through the use of various lenses in such a way that quality is not lost in the expansion.

LG G6 Camara

A 5 x zoom, as you could go with Xiaomi Mi 6, would offer us the possibility to enlarge an image up to 5 times without losing quality. This is very useful in photography, travel, for example. When photographing monuments on the distance, having an optical zoom is something useful that it has impact on the final result of the photography.

It could also replace double camera we see in the iPhone 7 Plus. In fact, it would be almost the same, but with the difference that the zoom would be integrated in a single lens. To be able to change the focal length of the lens, can make photos that are ideal for portrait, as does the second Chamber of the iPhone 7 Plus, which is certainly something interesting because it gives us versatility in a mobile.

It is not essential, that Yes, to be able to get good pictures. Nor we can believe that a mobile phone with optical zoom already makes best photos to a mobile phone that does not have optical zoom. It is just one more feature, that it has some relevance, but do not have to determine why the difference in quality of a camera.

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