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The “official announcements” whatsapp could be the beginning of advertising

They said in WhatsApp I wouldn’t be advertising ever. Even after the company bought Facebook, it seemed that this would remain so. However, all seems to indicate that WhatsApp could planning to enter, if not advertising, if any type of section sponsored. For example, it could be a service in which companies are directed to users. The “ads official” of WhatsApp could be just the start of this.

WhatsApp, “ads official” and advertising

Yesterday same already said that those “announcements official” of WhatsApp could get to the application very soon. This actually has nothing to do with advertising, but rather with the fact that the application will be able to speak to us directly through a conversation within the app itself. Now can see how would be the interface of the section in which would see them different talks, and us found with that an of these talks would be precisely which comes of WhatsApp, with an icon of certification.


What does us this?

Although this is more than what we think, and a conclusion that we reached is nothing definitive, and is not even a rumor, just the fact that WhatsApp needs to introduce a logo certification next to one account indicates there may be more accounts as well in the future. I.e., that more accounts could communicate was with us having been certified. Accounts of different brands or companies, that would come to us via WhatsApp.

Is this advertising? There would be why. The communication could be different. It could be a communication that serves for technical assistance on a product that you have purchased, for example. Would probably only be communications that we have approved previously, but still seems that passes WhatsApp future because companies that can contact us through the application, always and when, obviously, pay money to the application. We will see whether it is so or not. The first step, of course, is that WhatsApp uses your own application for their official communications, but this could be only a pilot test of what is coming.

WhatsApp article the “official announcements” could be the beginning of the advertising was published in AndroidAyuda.

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