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The Nokia E1 would be the first to arrive, with a price of only € 100

Nokia is going to the market. We know it, he was confirmed, and every passing day is closer to the launch of the first smartphone from the company. The first that, indeed, could be the Nokia E1, that already same has received certification, and that could be very near being released to the market. It would be a basic mobile phone. So basic that its price could be in the 100 euros.

Nokia E1, the basic range first

Nokia launch mobile with the best characteristics of the market, real flagships. It will also launch mobile high-end with affordable price. Launch Mobile of range mean in different levels, and to competitors of the Moto G. However, it seems that it will begin a very low price mobile released, one of the cheapest in its catalog. Something that is logical and intelligent for so call it attention of them users marketing a mobile that works well if one it wants to use WhatsApp and Facebook, and that will be very economic.

Nokia C9 Portada

It would be the Nokia E1. The characteristics of which are spoken about this mobile are basic. Only highlight by counting with a screen of 5.5 inches, although probably not will be of a great resolution. Your RAM memory would be only 1 GB, which seems very little. But it is that your processor would be almost of a smart watch, then it will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200. Still, the Nokia E1 would be with Android 7.0.1 Nougat, a front-facing camera and a rear camera with flash. We cannot expect much more than one mobile phone which would serve to already mentioned, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Clear that, with these characteristics and the rumoured price for mobile Nokia with best features, we cannot wait for a price that exceeds 100 euros. And it is that today we see Mobile for that price that even have better characteristics. Usually these mobile problem is that their performance is not good because they require a very basic software, but it is possible that that is precisely what has focused Nokia, giving a very simple to make the phone work software even with very basic features.

The first smartphone of the new Nokia

The Nokia E1 would be the first the new Nokia smartphone. We have heard about other smart phones of the company before, as they would be the Nokia D1C, the Z2 Plus Nokia or Nokia P, but this would be the closer one of reaching the market, having received already certified. It would not be anything weird that it was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2017 at the beginning of next year.

The Nokia E1 article would be the first to arrive, with a price of only € 100 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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