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The Nexus are dead, the new mobile of Google van to change a lot

Goodbye to the Nexus. Those smartphones arriving launched by Google but manufactured by another company and which had a pure Android software, will disappear. Knew that them Nexus could disappear, and that the new mobile of Google is sold as such, as mobile of Google. But what not we knew was that we waited so many changes. This is all what can expect from now on forward.

New name

The change of name will be something more than evident. In fact, not be just a change of name. We are talking about a change of strategy. It will not be the manufactured by certain company “Nexus”, it will be a Google Mobile. And who so manufacture or not is another question. Thus, the marks of the manufacturer should disappear. The brand Nexus also will disappear. The logo of Google will occupy the front and the rear section of the mobile. What we don’t know is how it is called. I.e., the Apple logo appears on the iPhone, but this one has a name, iPhone. How is called the mobile? Google Phone? Google Pixel Phone? There will be a new name to replace to the of Nexus?

Nexus 5X Portada

New software

And this last is really remarkable. To what Google was going to leave of use the name Nexus for replace it simply by another? Does not have any logic, isn’t it? Because it does. And is that these mobile will be different of the Nexus in what to the software is concerned. So far, buy a Nexus was supposed to be a pure Android with a smartphone experience are changes on what is the basis of Android. That won’t happen with the new phones from Google. This time will come prepared by Google, with the installation of different services. We can expect that their performance is also very good, but they are not mobile with Android, but mobile most complete. Perhaps the aim is to compete with Apple’s iPhone by offering more services that can not offer standard on Android directly. There might be improvements at the level of API, for example. Mobile ready for virtual reality, but at a higher level than it offers us Daydream. It is not clear how Google wants them to be their new smartphones, but want them to be something different from the Nexus. Will this like to users? It remains to be seen what you have prepared the Mountain View company.

Also watch smart

Indeed, next to it earlier would have that remember something more than what is has returned to talk, and is the made of that Google not only launch this year its own smartphones, marketed as own, but also the company also could be working in launch to the market watches smart own. Watches that are designed by Google, with the features that Google creates suitable, and hardware that they create ideal, in order to begin to address also the market of the smartwatches, which so far seems dominated by Apple with its Apple Watch. The future of the smartwatches is still hard to say. But what is clear is that if Google really wants that these watches are successful, they will need to work themselves to establish how believe that they should be this style of making Apple with your Smart Watch, because if it is not possible that different manufacturers have just launched all the same, or end up not to release anything with Android Wear that is a true answer already not only Apple clock, but also the Samsung S Gear, remember, you don’t have Android Wear, and continues to be a rival for this operating system. If the future are smart watches, not only Google will have to compete with watchOS, but now also with Tizen, and thats how I may fear for the future.

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