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The new Nexus manufactured by HTC already shows signs of life

It is an open secret that, again, this year there will be two new Nexus Google with different screen sizes. While the largest all indicates that, again it will be manufactured by Huawei, the smaller will be borne by HTC. And it is from this that the most important features that will be launched into the market were disclosed. Have them you.

The codename of the new HTC Nexus is Sailfish (aquatic animals names are those used by Google), and the truth is that it has some positive details and others, not so much. Among the latter is that your screen of 5 inch will have quality Full HD (1080 p), so by what not will compete in the high-end product of you you but yes, the device will be favoured by a smaller consumption.

Logotipo de Nexus

As the two most important components in regards to performance, such as the processor and the RAM, the choice of Google and HTC for its new Nexus are a SoC of four cores running at a frequency of 2 GHz which is compatible with 64-bit architecture (everything suggests by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon). And in regards to the RAM, the 4 GB will be heading, this being a good detail that will bring out the most of Android N – call as this iteration of the development of the Mountain View – call.

More options of this Nexus

Luckily, it has been known more than what they are developing together HTC and Google. Then leave a list with other features that have been known for what will be the smallest model of the two that are preparing for this 2016 that will come with Android:

  • Main 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel front camera
  • 32 GB storage (it seems not to be expandable) and there may be other options
  • Fingerprint on the back
  • USB type C and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Available port earphone jack 3.5
  • 2.770 mAh with fast charge battery

In what refers to the design is where evidence less reliable at the moment, but all indications are that the new HTC Nexus would be metal finish for, in this way, equal with its competition in the market. do you think about these possible specifications of the new Google hardware device?

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