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The new Google Maps includes a single WiFi mode

Google Maps is one of those essential applications when we travel there, as much as we know perfectly the area that we will visit, at the end always by a few things or others to resort to this app. Now is announces a novelty for the update of the application and is a mode only WiFi that we will help to save data.

Only WiFi?

A single WiFi mode? Could seem strange a mode of this type in Google Maps, because already the application includes an option with which is possible download them maps offline of different areas of the city or of different areas of the country. So, what logic does a Solo WiFi mode? It is really simple. When we came out of an area in which we have the maps offline, and we move into an area that we don’t have maps, mobile phone connects and starts to use our mobile data. If we don’t have many mobile data, or if we charge to exceed the contracted maximum, we would not like that happen. With the Solo WiFi function, we can avoid that mobile spent more data, with the exception that we are connected to a wireless network. It is a somewhat redundant option, but that will be useful to avoid problems when running out of data.

Google Maps Logo

In addition, the new version will also come with information on delays in transport public, something that could be very useful if really count with a good integration of all Spanish cities. And it is, for example, in many cities of Spain there is already an application that tells us the times of arrival of buses and public transport, and stop so it does not become a very essential function, except that will have the same data, and was as accurate as the application of each of the cities , clear is.

These innovations are coming to Google Maps without the need to update the app, there will be only to have a version later than the 9.32.

The new Google Maps article includes a single WiFi mode was published in AndroidAyuda.

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