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The new Google emojis resemble more to the WhatsApp

I have always criticized the emojis of Google. In fact, not understand well why the different companies decided to design their own emojis following the patterns of Unicode, instead of copy them designed in a home. For example, all the world sees them emojis authentic as those who appear in WhatsApp. Those of Google are very ugly. But now will change, and it will look more to human beings.

Human beings

An of them things that not I liked of them emojis of Google and that was that were hardly recognizable was the made of that not seemed even humans, but rather creatures of color yellow deformed that in occasions even were it sufficiently expressive. This will be one of the novelties of the new emojis of Google. Now will seem more to the humans, something that from my point of view is positive.Emojis Google

More realistic

And not know exactly how define the change that will suffer the rest of them emojis. The emojis of objects will be more realistic. Or perhaps more skeumorfistas. Not is that the emojis are as photographs of the objects. In fact, aren’t even much less. They are drawings. However, those of Google were especially ugly and greenhorns. That now will change. Your icons will be something more sophisticated, with more details so to speak, and that will make is they look more to the emojis WhatsApp.

Emojis Google

We take into account that these new emojis will have an especially important role in the new application Google Allo instant messaging, that Google wants to compete with WhatsApp, by which the who the emojis are more akin to the of the of the world’s most widely used messaging application continues on the same strategy they have pursued so far , that is it’s treat of get that Google Allo is it more similar to WhatsApp possible. We will see if they succeed.

Article the new Google emojis resemble more those of WhatsApp was published in AndroidAyuda.

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