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The new fashion in mobile, Matt Black color

The glossy black became one of the colours key players from last year because that was one of the innovations of the iPhone 7. Some manufacturers imitated this glossy finish their smart phones. But after months of use, the bottom line is that this finish is nothing practical, due to the ease in order to damage. The new fashion in the world of mobile color is matte black.

Matt Black

In reality, Matt Black is a color that has been associated with the world of the latest technology from a long time, you just have to see how many of the large vehicles of high level of the best manufacturers in the world of motor racing have used this color as a sign of innovation. However, the matte black could be a color diametrically opposite to the color that triumphed at the end of last year. With the arrival of the latest Apple mobile, and its shiny black, it seemed that many manufacturers would follow the same path and would also launch mobile with this same finish. Thus it was, actually. A polished metal which almost looks like Crystal in appearance, and in fact, is even more fragile to scratches.

iPhone 7 Plus

Perhaps it is why what finally color matte black has become the new trend this year 2017 in the world of smartphones. And it is that while the shiny black may be beautiful, it isn’t practical. It is the opposite of what happens with the matte black color. Its like it is the same tone appearance. But the finish is much stronger. The Matt surface can even assimilate certain scratches without having that affect why in a remarkable way to the appearance of the mobile.

Already there are several mobile phones that are coming with that color, or rather this finish. In fact the same iPhone 7, in the standard version of black color, has a matte finish. But we expect that, as a result of bad results that has given the glossy black finish, this year we see a lot of mobile in a version of black with a matte finish. Most likely, the ideal finish for users I use a phone that still have almost the same appearance with the passage of time.

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