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The Motorola Moto G4 Plus already is receiving Android 7

One of the aspects that most Motorola is in the section of the software. The company now owned by Lenovo always has gone a step ahead in your customization layer, since they have opted for pure, Android so that users have the best possible performance, without garbage apps or anything that spoil you the user experience. In addition, always had known for being among the first to upgrade to the latest version of Android.

The terminals of India will be the first

A few weeks ago, we received the news that Android 7.0 Nougat was being tested in some devices Moto G4 Plus in Brazil. This fact raised many expectations since it was believed that all the G4 Plus would receive this beta version, but it never happened, since it was a trial version, and only stayed in Brazil, but the news that reaches us today, weeks after this, is that there already are some Moto G4 Plus are beginning to update in India and in other small parts of the world.


These devices are already receiving the OTA 7.0 Android Nougat, and much will soon reach other users of this terminal that exist around the world. This update does not bring many aesthetic changes. We can see how the notification bar interface changes slightly, and some paragraphs in “Settings”, but the most important change is going inside, since it brings improvement in the remarkable performance and a new energy management that will make the battery for best results.

One of the first range media that is updated

At the moment, there are very few terminals that have received this update. Android 7.0 only Nougat has reached very few brands, as Huawei, Motorola or HTC, and all phones that have been updated, for the moment, belong to the high end. Motorola surely is the first in a mid-range terminal upgrade to the latest version of Android, ahead of Huawei, that it would be already testing this version in your Huawei P9 Lite. We will see how moves the market in the coming months on the subject of updates.

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