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The Moto E4 Plus appears as mobile cheap Lenovo of the year

With the Moto G5 already on the market, Lenovo has managed to again have a high end smartphone renewed media available to users. However, the basic range is still without having a mobile phone in the market this year with the signing of the bike. But soon would come the Moto E4 Plus, an “Advanced” version of this entry-level phone.

Moto E4 Plus

The E bike has been, year after year, the smartphone’s basic range of Motorola that the company offered a still more economical option to Moto G, who was King of the middle range each season.¬†This year Mobile will be released, and has been recorded a version of the same bike E4 Plus, I would stress to be an advanced version of the simplest Moto E4. Although it is not clear if it will actually be a mobile with some enhanced features, or simply be a mobile phone with a screen larger than. So far, the Moto E have had a screen between 4.5 and 5 inches. It could be that the mobile had a 5.5 inch screen despite having basic range features. It is a possibility, although it could also be simply a RAM more capacity, for example.

Moto G5

Whatever it is, the existence of a Moto E4 Plus comes to also confirm the existence of a Moto E4 and therefore the fact that soon will be available a choice of low-cost for users who want an economical smart phone. The smartphone would have a very basic processor Mediatek MT6169. They would be the characteristics that we would see in a mobile whose price should not exceed by far the 100 euros, and that would be one of the most economical choices that we had in the market. Its launch still not has been rumored even, but given that the mobile just received certification in the FCC, would not be anything rare a launch this month of April, or already the month of May.

The Moto E4 Plus item appears as year Lenovo cheap mobile was published in AndroidAyuda.

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