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The Moto E3 will be with a memory internal of 8 GB, although still without know it RAM

The Motorola Moto E has been one of the most affordable smartphones and with good performance that is released each year. East 2016 will launch a new Moto E, but this time Lenovo will release it already. It will be the Moto E3. Mobile officially announced a few weeks ago, but we were still without knowing all the technical characteristics of the same. Now we have new data on the internal memory.

Moto E3 performance

To know we have still the efficiency and performance that will take the E bike. We know that your processor will be quad-core, although not we are told what processor will be accurately. Nor we knew other crucial features to know the performance of the phone, as the RAM memory and the internal memory. However, now we know that the Smartphone will have an internal memory of 8 GB. Little? It is possible. Say that it at least for a performance right are 8 GB but with very few apps installed. The ideal would have been 16 GB, but if the price of the phone will be only 100 euro, is perhaps the only thing that we could expect.¬†That Yes, we know that memory may be extended via microSD card, so you can even get a higher capacity memory to store pictures or videos, that won’t be a problem.

Moto E3

However, we still do not know what the RAM memory of the smartphone. Difficult to think in a memory RAM that exceeds the 2 GB. In fact, 2 GB would be an extremely positive figure for this smart phone to the memory RAM is concerned. 1 GB, that Yes, it would be expected considering the 8 GB of internal memory of the Moto E.

We’ll finally see what is memory that has Moto E3, and if it will finally come to Spain, something that we can not confirm yet, as only spoke launch Smartphone in United Kingdom with a price 99 pounds. The logical thing is to think that it will also reach the rest of Europe, but is something that we don’t know.

The Moto E3 item will have an internal memory of 8 GB, although we still do not know the RAM was published in AndroidAyuda.

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