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The mobile bike will carry the ZUK ZUI interface

Lenovo had a curious role in the smart phone market. And that the company had in total with three different brands of mobile, the own Lenovo, the acquired Motorola, and the ZUK of economic level. What was the function of each of these companies? Because everything begins to be clear, then mobile bike futures will have the ZUK ZUI interface.

Moto by Motorola

Initially, Motorola became simply a brand name of the Chinese company. They used the Moto brand by Lenovo to sell the most famous smartphones that had. However, recently this has changed, as it will be to use the Motorola name. And already on Lenovo became Motorola mobile company division. I.e., that in reality they have dispensed with the Lenovo brand, have been left only with Motorola, and now it seems that they will renounce ZUK. Although they will not eliminate.

Moto G Play

ZUK ZUI interface will be Motorola’s

As it has been confirmed the Vice President of the company, Motorola mobiles will be having the software interface ZUI, which is same that so far we have seen in ZUK. So, is the work that has done the ZUK team applies directly in mobile Motorola. And together they will form what will be the division of Lenovo mobile.

Android Stock to ZUI interface

However, this news does not have to be entirely positive. And it is that so far, since Motorola is relaunched with Google, the interface of smartphones had been that of Android Stock, almost the same as we saw in the Nexus without customization, and this made the performance of smartphones was very good.

However, this will change. And it is that precisely ZUI is an interface with much customization, with a very different aspect of the Android interface, what would change completely what the mobile Motorola. Moreover, this could change things. The Motorola had a so-like interface to Android Stock, arriving very fast updates. They will continue coming so fast?

Even so, we cannot forget some key. So far, Lenovo decisions have not been definitive never. I.e. when users have expressed their opinion, Lenovo has listened and changed their plans. For example, they were going to stop throwing the bike’s basic range and mid range, but in the end did not take place as well. It can happen also in the case of the interface that will have mobile phones Motorola.

The mobile Moto article will carry the interface the ZUK ZUI was published in AndroidAyuda.

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