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The LG G6 could be the first big release of the year 2017

Just the year 2016 and with it they are a lot of smartphones that have been launched in recent months and that will continue to be available on the market. Will have compete with the fact of having been released a year before. And is that already van to start to get them big Mobile for the next year. It seems that the launch of the first flagship will be the LG G6, that already at the beginning of 2017.

Launch of the LG G6

The LG G6 will be the flagship to the South Korean company launched to compete with other mobile as the Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC 11, 7s iPhone when it launches and all the other great smartphones that will be arriving in the coming year. However, will highlight on the others by something, by being the first in get to the market. Actually, this would be the strategy of the company for compete in a market each time more complex, in which them large mobile of Samsung and Apple dominate, the ship logo of Huawei is the great suction, and them mobile Chinese of range high are the best option for which seek a phone smart economic. Basically, LG would like that your smartphone was the first to have some advantage over the others.


Compete in technical characteristics is impossible, because almost all mobiles will be level. At the level of marketing to compete with Samsung will be another impossible mission. And not there will be form of rival in price with them mobile that will arrive from China. By that the only option for the LG G6 is be the first mobile of range high in get, and get so them sales of all those users that have expected to buy a new mobile to the 2017 and to which can call them the attention the LG G6.

Before the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi 6

In addition, a launch of the LG G6 very soon would coincide with a possible delay in the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Xiaomi Mi 6 according to is has gone rumored lately. A delay in these smartphones would lead to a release in the month of March or April and arrival to the market a little bit later. Probably the Xiaomi my 6 will launch more afternoon that the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is believed that the launch of LG G6 occur in February, and as later it would come to market at the end of February or in early March, so would have at least one advantage of a month in respect of rivals that would come before. Enough to succeed in the market?

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