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The LG G6 confirms his design in a new render

Is is of the first render that becomes of the LG G6, which would be the first ship logo in arriving to the market of form official the next year 2017. In fact, no presents many novelties. It confirms its dual camera, fingerprint reader, and a little innovative design.

LG G6, new render

Rendering of the new LG G6 does not confirm a lot of features on the smartphone, although some details regarding its design, and is probably the objective of this render that accessories manufacturers can begin to work in the housings for the smart phone. And what we can see in this new LG G6 according to the render is the camera dual, that already we can confirm. Two sensors that are located in the center of the smartphone, in the section later. Side by side. In addition, the smartphone also will include a reader of fingerprint fingerprint, that will be under the camera. In fact, it would be a design very similar to the LG G5.


So similar, that even it will be in size, because the height of the smartphone will be the same, 149.4 mm, with a width lower, leaving is in the 72,43 mm. There are, however, to say that the width is reduced only 1.5 millimeters. Other features include the fact that headphone jack, not would be replaced by the socket is present USB Type-C, 7 iPhone style.


Would be some details by concrete and that now not remain clear with this render. One of them would be the screen. It has become trend bezels are disappearing so that the display occupies more space in the front. The screen of the LG G5 was of 5.3 inches, and this LG G6 is going to be almost equal in size. That means that the screen could be a little more big if is occupies a ratio top of the front, coming for example to them 5.5 inch, in a mobile that would have the same size that the previous. It would be a good improvement.


Even so, still leaving many unknowns with regard to this phone smart. He is supposed to come before the Samsung Galaxy S8, due to which the latter would be delayed by production issues with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. But if so, would come the LG G6 processor? Many questions still unanswered and that are not enlightened with this first render of the first flagship of the 2017.

The LG G6 article confirms its design in a new render was published in AndroidAyuda.

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