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The legendary Pokemon reach Pokémon GO in 2017

Even though Pokémon GO was released with the possibility of getting in the first 150 Pokemon game theory, the truth is that it was not possible to get them all, because the legendary Pokémon were not available for capture. However, it seems that will arrive next year 2017, and that they could capture for the season of spring.

Legendary Pokemon

Currently there are five Pokemon that not is can capture of the first generation in the game, that are the three birds legendary: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, as well as them two Pokemon end of the first generation: Mew and Mewtwo. These two latest probably will take still more in reach, if is that just appearing in the game. However, the three legendary birds will have a leading role in the title. Actually is something obvious, because are the symbols of each one of those teams of the game. When we reach the level five we have to choose between three teams: yellow, red or blue, and each of those corresponds to a legendary bird, and this Pokemon is the symbol of each team. There is probably a story that will take place in the game, which will vary depending on the team than we are, and that will give us finally able to capture one of these three legendary birds. If all goes as in the game, I would not be rare that only we could capture one, depending on the equipment we choose originally, what leads to having to trade Pokemon in order to have them all in the future. This is a classic of the game of Pokemon.


More Pokemon GO in spring

It is believed it will be towards the spring season when could get these legendary birds. What is clear is that Niantic has thought use the spring to launch innovations to the game. And it is that taking into account that it is a game in which go out is vital, it is logical that in the cold season to play less Pokémon GO. Probably the objective will be to begin to get real news to the game in spring. And taking into account that the second generation Pokémon will go gradually coming now, it is very likely for spring we have an important event, as it could be a start of a mode story whereby the choice of the initial team, and the legendary Pokémon have a starring role. Of time, there will be that see it, but is clear that van to follow coming new to the game of form constant.

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