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The launch of Xiaomi Mi 6 could go until may

It is another of the mobile more expected this 2017, and is a very interesting for users high-end smartphone because it will be cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S8. We are talking about 6 Mi Xiaomi, a mobile that we hoped for this month of April, but which finally could not be released until the month of May.

Launch in may for my 6 Xiaomi

It has been already on multiple occasions when we heard of the problems that would have 6 my Xiaomi to be released. All down to your processor. Probably will be the last generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. However, let us note that companies like LG have not launched their mobile with this processor to be able to launch it before. Other manufacturers seem to have chosen Qualcomm processor permanently, although that suppose to wait for mobile is officially launched. It is the case of Xiaomi with its flagship. Even though we had heard on several occasions that mobile is going to launch already, it has not happened, and we have always finished listening mobile launch was delayed so that the smartphone could integrate the latest processor from Qualcomm. Even said that the mobile is could throw in Mobile World Congress 2017, or at least at the same time, and finally was not. As well, history repeats itself.

Now we hear that the mobile will not come until the month of May. The last release date known for Xiaomi Mi 6 was on 16 April. But still having problems of availability with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Other mobiles which have already been announced with the processor, such as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, not be released officially until June, which gives us an idea of the availability of this processor.

If you’re that was expecting Xiaomi Mi 6, it seems that you will have to wait, at least until the month of May.

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