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The Huawei P10 disappointed with few news

The P10 Huawei and Huawei P10 Plus already have been presented officially. The two mobile phones are similar, and are almost the same, with a difference in screen size. Again, once again, the key is in collaboration with Leica to cameras that integrate. But lack of news. Not really interesting the purchase of these compared to the Huawei P9

The high range of Huawei

With the absence of Samsung in this Mobile World Congress 2017 with its logo, and Apple launching their great smartphone in the second half of each year, the new Huawei phones are coming is the only high-end manufacturers coming in so early this year. They are good smartphones, both the P10 Huawei and Huawei P10 Plus. But it is also true that disappointed with respect to mobile phones last year. So far, Huawei had been carrying a noticeable growth in the quality of their smart phones, but in the case of the new Huawei P10, the truth is that it will be difficult to find reasons to buy them in comparison with Huawei P9 or Huawei Mate 9.

Huawei P10

Leica, but with few new features

Perhaps the key to this new Huawei P10 is the Leica camera, as it already was in the case of Huawei P9. However, we found no very great news. Two cameras, a 20 megapixel and a 12 megapixel. In other words, exactly the same as the Huawei Mate 9. The resolution regarding the Huawei P9 something improves, but it is not a new camera. The front camera Yes. A front camera 8 megapixel camera also with Leica engineering. But there are all the news.

Performance without news

Mobile does not improve performance very much. Your RAM memory is 4 GB, 64 GB internal memory, and a Huawei Kirin 960 processor. In other words, little improvement in the processor. It is the same as that of the Huawei Matt 9, which, in turn, was only a slight improvement on the Huawei P9.

Only the screen actually improves by having a resolution Quad HD in two versions, both Huawei P10 with 5.1-inch screen and the Huawei P10 Plus with 5.5 inch screen. 3,200 and 3,750 mAh batteries respectively.

Disappointment with the Huawei P10

The disappointment that comes in these Huawei P10 is obvious. Mobile phones should be better. Huawei Mate 9 already left us few novelties, some of them were simple improvements with respect to the released with Huawei P9, and other developments were only software, which would come later to the previous mobile. But well, it could be considered normal for the great new had come in the first half of the year. Supposed that they would get important news with this Huawei P10. But no. It is more of the same. Few improvements that facilitate the work of manufacturing in a mobile phone that already has much popularity for the relevance of its manufacturer.

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