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The Honor 5 already is here with a price of only 80 euros

How much money does it cost a mobile that works well? Not much. At least, not much if we take as a reference the honour 5, a smartphone whose price remains only 80 euros, being therefore notably economic. Its technical features are also basic, but it seems that sufficient to make good mobile performance.

A basic mobile phone

Obviously, not is the mobile more advanced of the world, but it is a smartphone quite basic, with features techniques that are own of a mobile of range Basic. A curious when today launch same company has also presented the new Honor Mate 8, a large-format and with technical characteristics of high end smartphone. Whatever it is, we cannot say that Honor 5 highlighted especially by their technical characteristics, although Yes for having other relevant features, such as a RAM of 2 GB, something curious in a mobile basic range. With this RAM memory, the performance of the mobile should not be bad, should work without problems, and more taking into account that the internal memory is 16 GB, and may extend it to 128 GB. Two features that are above expectations in this smart phone for the price that is. Your processor does not goes very beyond, still a MediaTek MT6735P of eight cores capable of reaching a 1.3 GHz clock frequency. Even so, how mobile Basic, is still quite well.

Honor 5X Logo

In what to the appearance multimedia of this phone smart is concerned, includes a screen of 5 inches with a resolution HD of 1,280 x 720 pixels, as well as a camera main of 8 megapixel and a camera front of 2 megapixel.

Your battery is 2200 MAH, which is not much, but in any case, sufficient for a mobile with very basic characteristics, and whose price will be only 80 euros for all three versions that will be available: black, white and gold.

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